Agata Chmielecka

Formal and structural analysis of practical calligraphy works:

“Analysis of contemporary Mongolian calligraphy style development on the example of Tamir Samandbadraa Purev’s artworks.”


Mongolian calligraphy in traditional Mongolian script, seen not only as a pragmatic tool of transferring the text’s meaning but as a form of art, is a relatively recent phenomenon that emerged in the ’90s of the XX century in Mongolia. One of the pioneers in this field, calligrapher Samandbadraa Purev, known better under his artist name Tamir, has developed a particular style of calligraphy that became one of the major sources of inspiration for Mongolian calligraphy amateurs. Because of Tamir’s unique artistic pathway and his art’s influence on many aspirant calligraphers, his artworks are taken as an example showing the development of contemporary Mongolian calligraphy styles.

The study focuses on the analysis of selected artworks by the artist from different periods of his career. By the formal and structural analysis, the development of the artist’s personal style is presented. The main differences between different styles are clearly shown and discussed.

Results of the analysis show that the artist’s calligraphic style has changed significantly throughout the years. A significant number of new elements of composition, abstract elements, new mediums and techniques such as porcelain have been introduced by the artist for the first time in the history of contemporary Mongolian calligraphy. This has undoubtedly a big impact on the development of calligraphy art in Mongolia and will further influence the next generations of calligraphers.

Keywords in English: contemporary Mongolian calligraphy, Mongolian calligrapher, Mongolian calligraphy styles

Keywords in French: calligraphie mongole contemporaine, calligraphe mongol, styles de

calligraphie mongole


  • Date of Birth                  August 27, 1994
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  • ۲۰۱۶ – now: Master’s studies: Mongolian and Tibetan studies, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies. Research on tradition of herbal medicine in Mongolia and Mongolian Calligraphy
  • ۲۰۱۳ – ۲۰۱۶: Bachelor’s degree: Mongolian and Tibetan studies, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Honours Degree. Thesis on contemporary Mongolian society’s problems and Mongolian hip hop
  • ۲۰۱۰ – ۲۰۱۳: International baccalaureate, IV High School in Lodz, Poland

Internships and Academic Experience

  • ۲۰۱۸-۲۰۲۰: Research on Mongolian tradition of herbal medicine and Mongolian Calligraphy Scholarship of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange
  • ۲۰۱۶ – ۲۰۱۸: Head of the Mongolian and Tibetan Studies’ Students’ Union University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies
  • ۲۰۱۴/۲۰۱۵: Mongolian language course Mongolian National University, Ulan Bator, Mongolia Scholarship of Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange
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