Zohreh Dolikhani

From tehran

  • Design diploma
  • Art acting from 2005 up to now
  • Excellent period from calligraphers community
  • Organizing an exhibition  work of art in library  and museum gallery of Iran’s Islamic parliament in 2012
  • Organizing an solitary an exhibition in soreh gallery in alborz in 2013
  • Organizing solitary an exhibition in library and museum gallery of Iran’s parliament in 2013
  • Attend in Ramadan alsharghe an exhibition in Dubai in 2014
  • Attend in biennial painting  and print opus in book of biennial painting in 2013
  • Attend in creating and innovation festival in tabriz in 2015
  • Attend in iranian book designing in group exhibition in 2015
  • Organizing an exhibition of work art in gheshm international exhibition in 2015
  • Attend in 23th international Qoran exhibition ,tehran 2016
  • Organizing an exhibition of artwork in gol-e-Narges gallery,tehran2016
  • Organizing an exhibition of artwork in shahr gallery,Qom,2016
  • Organizing an exhibition of artwork inReza-abbasi Museum  in 2016
  • Attend in 10th biennial painting and print opus in biennial painting book in 2016
  • Attend in 5th period of Quranic illuminations of astan-qods,2016
  • Attend in biennial painting,Tabriz,2017
  • Organizing an exhibition of artwork in Milad tower gallery,Teheran,2017
  • Attend in group exhibition. Of  iranian designing book Institute,Tehran,2017
  • Attend in city fresco of Lajvard gallery,2017
  • Organizing an exhibition of  artwork in Sooreh gallery,Karaj,2017
  • Attend in group exhibition of iranian designing book institute,Konj-e-khial,Tehran2018
  • Cooperation in illuminating of Moraqa-e-nouruz,publication of iranian designing book institute,2018
  • Attend in group exhibition of iranian designing book institute,Konqereh-e-naqsh,Tehran2019
  • Cooperation in illuminating of Bahar-e-sa’adi,publication of iranian designing book institute,2019
  • Attend in Ayat exhibition,United arab emirates,2019
  • Extraction ending period certificate of traditional bookbinding,making case,Persian pattern geometry in traditional Iranian arts.
  • Cooperation with reparation and reanimation ofmanuscripts of Iran’s parliament.
  • Attend in group an exhibitions and national festivals
  • Achive third of rank in creativity and innovation international tabriz festival
  • Teaching in some art Institute


Professor hamid malekian

Professor Mohammad nabati

Professor hasan mohammadi

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