Fatemeh Moradi

Born in 1355, Gilan, Iran

Graduated in painting and gilding of the Center for Visual Arts Painting and gilding and painting teacher member

In 1378, specialized in fine arts degree in painting and gilding classes under the supervision of academics at the center and also in the presence of dear professor Mohammad Moradi. 

Art activities 

  • Festival Prophet of Khorasan 
  • Women’s Art Festival to participate in the exhibition Belarus
  • Fifth place in al-Burda Award 2012
  • Third place al-Burda Award 2013 
  • Fourth place in al-Burda Award 2014 
  • Fifth place in al-Burda Award 2015 
  • The first choice of Gilan and buy painting artists selected work due to the Imam Ali Museum Participation in specialized exhibitions and fairs national and international teachers Guilan painting and honorable mention festivals.
  • Continued cooperation with the Association of Persian calligraphy and illumination works of masters of calligraphy.
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