Dancing Pen – Exhibition

Dancing Pen

The First Virtual International Exhibition and Conference on Calligraphy along the Silk Road Countries


Within the framework of the International Conference on Calligraphy of the Silk Road Countries, selected works of artists will be displayed in a virtual exhibition in the world’s largest virtual calligraphy exhibition. In this regard, please prepare and send your works in accordance with the following criteria:

General specification

۱- each country can present up to 20 works, but there is no limit regarding the number of artists

۲- There is no limit regarding the time period in terms of antiquity of works and this exhibition includes works of art from ancient times to contemporary period.

۳- The secretariat of the exhibition, located in the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO, will not interfere in the selection of works until receiving up to 20 works,

۴- In this exhibition, all the intellectual rights of the artists are observed and the works will be available only during the period of the exhibition, from 20 January 2021 to 23 March  2021, and the possibility of printing or downloading high quality versions of works will be blocked .

۵- The deadline for sending the works of art is 20 December 2020 at 12:00 PM, and after this date no works can be uploaded.

۶- Resolution of works must be 150dpi and size(cm*cm) of scanned document must be exactly same as original document.

۷- All the artists are required to fill the attached application form as the object ID of each work of art.

۸- Categorize the works and profile of each artist in a folder by his/her name and finally prepare and save all the folders of your country’s artists in a Zip file.

۹- Send the zip file to this Email address: calligraphy.silk@irunesco.org

Download exhibition application form

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