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Dancing Pen

The First Virtual International Exhibition and Conference on Calligraphy along the Silk Road Countries


In the framework of the Silk Road Virtual Calligraphy Conference and Exhibition, the following topics will be discussed by the participants. According to the following topics, All the artists and researchers are invited to send abstracts of their papers (maximum 250 words, including 3 to 5 keywords in English and French) and resume to the email calligraphy.article.silk@irunesco.org by 30 December 2020. Abstracts will be evaluated by the experts and the accepted participants can send the full text of their papers (maximum 15 pages) by 9 January 2021 at 12:00 PM.

The lectures will be implemented virtually through a link that will be provided to the speaker.

Speakers have a maximum of 20 minutes to present their material.

The conference language will be English and French and the necessary information about simultaneous interpretation and further technical points will be provided later.


۱- History of calligraphy and its developments in the context of time

۲- Status of calligraphy among other classical and modern arts (music, painting, gilding, etc.) in your country

۳- Interaction of calligraphy and literature (influence of literature on calligraphy and influence of calligraphy on literature

۴- Status of decorative patterns (gilding, Tasheer (a type of illuminated manuscript, Persian art Miniature, which is used to decorate the borders of manuscripts) and book decoration in the art of calligraphy.

۵- Formal and structural analysis of practical calligraphy works

۶- Mutual influence of calligraphy of different countries along the Silk Road

۷- Current status of calligraphy and its education in your country

۸- Introducing the famous manuscripts in museums and libraries of your country

۹- Status of calligraphy in the Silk Road countries (in comparison with other arts)

۱۰- Role of calligraphy in intercultural relations of the Silk Road countries

۱۱- Impact of calligraphy on promoting the peaceful thoughts of the writers, literates and mystics of the Silk Road countries

۱۲- Role of calligraphy in creating unity and closeness of the nations of the Silk Road.

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