Bahman Panahi

Musicalligraphy, the relationship between calligraphy and music


 Throughout the centuries, different scholars, poets, and calligraphers have referred to calligraphy as “music for the eyes”, visual music.

This conference explores the common points in the understanding, structure, application and execution, and pedagogical aspects that exist between calligraphy and music. It is an in depth analysis that shows in very specific terms how calligraphy and music are created, developed and realized in the mind of the artist. The concept I have named “Musicalligraphy”.

Keywords: Musicalligraphy, visual music, calligraphy


  • Date of Birth                  ۱۹۶۷
  • Nationality                      Iranian (France)                               
  • E-mail              

Academic Records

  • Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Tehran
  • Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Valenciennes, France
  • Sorbonne University in Paris, France
  • In calligraphy under the supervision of masters Gholamhosein Amirkhani, Abdollah Foradi, Yadollah Kaboli
  • In music under the supervision of Hushang Zarif, Athaullah Zahed Shirazi,Mohammad Reza Lotfi


  • Currently teaches at many institutions in Paris, France
  • Visiting professor and distinguished artist at Harvard and North Eastern, USA


  • Participated in calligraphy exhibition, festivals, lectures and music concerts in five continents

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