Ali Shirazi

Ali Shirazi, was born in 1960 in Shiraz. He started learning calligraphy since 1974. after receiving the ” Distinction ” certificate from the Iranian Calligraphy Society, passed the complementary educations at the presence of Professor Gholamhossein Amirkhani, the Senior Master of the Iranian Calligraphy Society. Shirazi worked for a while as the Head of Esfahan Calligraphy Society and immigrated to Tehran in the year 1988 and was elected as the member of the high council of the Iranian Calligraphy Society.

Important Activities and Works:

  1. ۴۵ calligraphy works existing in Presidents and Kings palaces throughout the world that were awarded by the order of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president, Mr. Mohammad Khatami, to the leaders of the Islamic Conference Member Countries – ۱۹۹۷
  2. ۱۰۰ works written with inscription pen (35mm) existing in Imam Ali museum of Tehran
  3. ۳۰ works existing at the Islamic Culture and Communication Organization 
  4. ۱۰ works existing at Tehran Quran Museum
  5. A number of works existing at private museums and collections such as : 
    • Sharjah museum
    • Qatar museum
    • Private Collection of Dr. Mohammad Almar – Dubai
    • Private Collection of Mr. Al-Oveys-Dubai
    • Private Collection of Dr. Anvar Gharghash-Dubai
    • Private Collection of Mr. Jome-Almajed-Dubai
    • Private collection of Sheykh Hassan Bin Ali Ale Saani – Qatar
    • Private collection of Dr. Mahfouzi, Tehran
  1. A number of works existing at Iranian embassies in different countries
  2. Making two calligraphy training video films
  3. ۴ calligraphy collections and books  
  4. Designing several Calligraphy posters
  5. Organizing 20 individual exhibitions inside the country and abroad, in countries like:

      Greece, Tajikistan, Dubai, Qatar, Morocco, Kuwait

  1. Organizing several lectures and workshops in countries like:

      Emirates, Morocco, Kuwait, Iran, Tajikistan, Greece

  1. Being Judge and Secretary at several Calligraphy festivals in Iran
  2. Membership of the Evaluation Council of the Iranian Calligraphy Society
  3. Receiving the Master Certificate from the Iranian Calligraphy Society – ۱۹۹۹
  4. Teaching Calligraphy at the Iranian Calligraphy Society and the other Artistic centers of the country since 1981
  5. Winning the first award in the calligraphy festivals such as: 
  1. The first award of calligraphy festival in 1985 – Iran
  2. The first award of calligraphy festival in 1986 – Iran
  3. The elected award among the winners of the first award in calligraphy festival of the Islam’s world – 1996 
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